Eric Evans

Eric Evans (Managing Director)

Eric has more than 20 years of experience developing communication strategies for political and grassroots campaigns, non-profits organizations and private sector companies. Eric has traveled the country working in diverse communities on many national presidential and state political campaigns.

Eric spent four years as a presidential appointee, working closely and traveling with the U.S.  Secretary of Labor.  In 2003, Eric worked as a senior advisor and the Director of Scheduling and Advance in the Philadelphia Mayoral race. He spent more than five years as the Vice President of Communications for the Welfare to Work Partnership, where he was responsible for more than 2,500 media hits in high-profile publications throughout the country, including USA Today, The Washington Post, LA Times, The Today Show, Time Magazine and Newsweek. He has provided media training and message development for C-Suite executives and CEOs of fortune 500 companies.

Eric works closely with a team of experienced writers, reporters, brand specialists, and political strategists that he tailors to fit specific clients’ communications goals. Eric lives in Alexandria, VA and attended the State University of New York at Buffalo double major in English and Political Science.