Maximize your marketing efforts and results with self-service asset creation.

Producing creative content is a resource-heavy, cumbersome, and expensive process that can lead to delayed campaign launches, missed market opportunities, and decreased responsiveness. Tempo is our creative automation solution for deploying assets to market faster.

Tempo’s easy-to-use and always-on-brand Smart Templates empower stakeholders to create personalized content as soon as they need it without needing to involve the creative team. This self-service model increases your success in capturing market share, revenue opportunities, and brand relevance — you know, the metrics that matter.

The Benefits:


Improve Marketing Agility and Responsiveness


Prioritize Strategic Creativity Over Production Design


Satisfy Demand for Personalized Messaging


Protect Existing Customer Loyalty and Revenue

Data Merge

Import external data to auto-generate up to 1,000 publications at once with Tempo’s Data Merge.

Delivering personalized assets is crucial to staying ahead of your competition, but the resource lift needed to create countless variations of an original concept is unreasonable. Using manual labor to meet that demand is expensive and inefficient. You need a solution to mass produce customized assets without needing designers to adapt the original concept one deliverable at a time, which takes too much time.

  • Import variable data such as layout selection, text, images, logos, QR codes, and barcodes to auto-populate up to 1,000 versions at a time.
  • Multiple file types​ (png, jpg, and pdf) can be generated at the same time, simultaneously satisfying both print and digital needs.
  • Cut out the middleman. Instead of your design team inheriting responsibility for outside data, the stakeholder retains possession of and ultimately accountability for the proprietary data they’re importing.
  • Designers can reclaim countless hours lost to manually copying and pasting data from spreadsheets into design files.

Alternate Layouts

Provide your stakeholders with layout options to meet their differing needs.

Your marketing strategy includes multiple channels to reach your target audiences. When launching a single campaign, you need assets for each channel — Instagram, Facebook, X (formerly Twitter), LinkedIn, YouTube, TikTok — resulting in duplicative work for your designers if you don’t have a templating solution. With Tempo’s Alternate Layouts, designers provide multiple options for the stakeholder to choose from. Instead of receiving requests for new versions, stakeholders can self-serve to create the asset they need the moment they need it.

  • Apply a single creative concept across multiple layouts to retain consistency, improving campaign recognition and brand awareness.
  • Creating multiple deliverables for a single campaign from one template, expediting time to market. Enter the variable data once and watch it populate across each Alternate Layouts.

Integration with the DAM

The right assets available to the right people at the right time.

Create with confidence. By connecting Tempo to your Lytho DAM, your stakeholders only have access to approved files that are relevant to the kind of work they are permitted to do.

  • Specify which DAM assets can be used in specific templates to maintain consistent branding no matter who’s creating the deliverable.
  • Apply permissions to templates so they are only available for specific users or user groups, safeguarding access and eliminating risk.
  • Define publish dates so templates are only visible when they are relevant and useful, keeping your team and stakeholders aligned with your content strategy.
  • Add tags to templates so they are easily searchable and useable. Creative automation is about efficiency, so applying your tag taxonomy to templates means your stakeholders follow the same pattern for finding templates as they already do for finding assets.

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