Designed for creative and marketing teams, our Creative Workflow is tailorable to support your specific processes.

While traditional project management software focuses on managing tasks, timelines, and resources, Creative Workflow also incorporates the unique needs of creative projects such as request intake, inter-project collaboration, and stakeholder management. And don’t discount the importance of keeping teams in the loop. Our central platform is the single source of truth, which keeps everyone involved aligned.

The Benefits:


Creative Resources


Emphasizing Collaboration


Managing Creativity and Innovation


Adapting to Change Management

Request Intake

Our interactive request forms guide stakeholders to provide – all in one place! – the necessary project details the creative team needs to confidently begin work. Features such as required fields, conditional logic, and due date restrictions give you control to set mutual, realistic expectations with your requesters.

Including the intake process as part of a team’s larger creative operations platform improves transparency and collaboration, decreases review version rates, and provides start-to-finish project metrics that identify positive and negative trends.

  • Custom forms to capture essential brief details
  • Data mapping to eliminate duplicate data entry (and human error)
  • Due date restrictions to protect turnaround times
  • Reporting for assessment and reflection

Project and Resource Management

Streamline processes to set your team up for success through custom, automated workflows that maximize output by considering factors that impact your team’s ability to complete their work on time – like priorities, availability, workload, level of effort, and specializations.

Structure this sophisticated increases accountability, on-time completion rates, and stakeholder satisfaction, all of which ladder up to tell a more complete story about the required efforts of the creative team to meet stakeholder’s expectations.

  • Project template for fast project setup
  • Resource management to monitor capacity
  • Priorities to communicate importance
  • Level of effort to set expectations
  • Dependencies/Blockers to maintain order


If a creative team contributes to the bottom line but can’t prove it, did it really help the business at all? It’s vital that creatives measure strategic contributions to their company’s greater success to bring awareness and quantify value. As your single source of truth, our creative workflow software provides powerful reporting capabilities for a thorough-line look across all stages of the creative operations to evaluate what’s working and what’s not.

  • Canned reports provide easy starting points for new users
  • Clickable links make taking action easy
  • Share reports internally, export reports externally
  • Control what, how, and where data populates
  • Filter by dates, people, status, custom fields, and so much more

Here are some examples of how
Our reporting can prove value.

Time to first proof

Highlight your team’s support for stakeholders through time to first proof numbers, showcasing creative team workflow efficiency.

Creative resources

Ensure stakeholder alignment with strategic goals by tracking creative resource allocation percentages, including resources allocated to non-aligned projects.

Level of effort

Make a case for more resources and set more realistic turnaround times by analyzing estimated LOE against actual time tracked for completion.

Reviews & durations

Identify review and approval process bottlenecks by analyzing review durations and number of versions metrics to improve turnaround time.

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