Prevent Attacks Before They Happen

BLD will ensure the safety and security of our clients through enforcing cyber safety measures. Providing confidentiality and integrity of your site information. There are many threats a company can face, whether it be cybercrime or cyber risk. With all these different threats it's important to be aware and resilient.

increase in cyber attacks

businesses fall victim

cyber attacks per week

Measures for Resiliency

Vulnerability Assessment

Our team will perform a threat analysis to identify weaknesses that can be exploited on your website.

Defensive Measures

With utilizing antivirus protection tools, our team will scan and filter out vulnerabilities to minimize their potential impact.

Proactive Monitoring

Continuously updating WordPress, themes, and plugins will decrease the chance of a site compromise. BLD will apply updates as soon as possible to keep the site safe & secure.

Respond & Recovery

Our goal is to focus on minimizing damage from potential threats while keeping your site functional given any crisis. A set of processes and policies will be in place to ensure data recovery and restoration.

Free Website Vulnerability Report