Your nonprofit’s online presence is the cornerstone of your mission.

To inspire action, it must leave a lasting impact on your audience.

At BLD, we offer solutions to empower you. Our expertise lies in crafting custom website designs and data-driven digital experiences, all with one clear objective: helping you achieve greater awareness as well as increased donations and participation.


Reach a broader audience.

At BLD, we understand the importance of visibility and awareness for nonprofits. Your website is a powerful tool to help you reach a broader audience and increase awareness for your cause(s). Let us showcase your mission, create impactful stories, and promote upcoming events with an online marketing solution that will captivate and engage.

Establish trust within your community.

To make a real impact, trust is paramount. BLD is committed to helping you establish trust with donors, volunteers, and supporters. Our websites and campaigns are designed to demonstrate transparency through accessible information and regular engagement, fostering a sense of credibility that strengthens your relationships.

Transform your website into a fundraising powerhouse.

Fundraising is the lifeblood for nonprofits. We not only create a way for the donors to give, but we also create seamless solutions that help engage donors with compelling stories, impactful visuals, and strategic donation campaigns.

Connect and belong.

Community engagement is at the heart of every successful nonprofit. BLD empowers you to connect with your community through interactive features, fostering a sense of belonging among supporters and beneficiaries. Create a vibrant online space that amplifies the impact of your nonprofit initiatives.


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