Cybersecurity with BLD

Cybersecurity with BLD

Technology is only advancing, and in today’s world everything runs online! It is important your company practices cybersecurity to protect all categories of data from theft and damage. Cybersecurity not only helps secure private information but also protects against malicious attacks.

There are many threats a company can face, whether it be:
cybercrime, cyber terrorism, corporate espionage, the faulty safety controls of vendors and other third parties, and insider threats all are sources of cyber risk. Those risks can even take specific forms, like ransomware or phishing attacks, +more.
With all these different threats it’s important to be aware and resilient. 

BLD will ensure the safety and security of our clients through enforcing cyber safety measures. Providing confidentiality and integrity of your site information.

Our team takes the measures to ensure your website’s security!
Providing our client’s with a cyber resilience plan, outlining the important measures to minimize risk!

  1. Vulnerability/ Threat Assessment: 
  2. Defense Barriers
  3. Security Training
  4. Proactive Monitoring
  5. Risk Assessment
  6. Response Plan
  7. Business Continuity Plan
  8. Disaster Recovery Plan


Utilizing the outline above, our team will walk step by step to promote knowledge and safety within your website!